Are you forecasting? You are a Marxist

Karl Marx didn’t repudiate capitalism. He thought it was a good human invention; but was destined to collapse because of the laws of History, and give way to communism.

Marxism is more the belief in a law of History (the progress toward a comunal paradise) than a law of Economics.

As the quintaesential modernism, Marxism only considered ‘mechanical’ laws. But History is the most organic (i.e. non-mechanical) phenomenon: everything is cause and effect of everything else.

This is why predictions are nonsensical. But our survival instinct makes them indispensable.


¿Para qué sirve ser humilde?

La humildad es la virtud que nos ayuda a reconocer la necesidad de los demás y del todo. Sin ella moriríamos de autosuficiencia.