I am a Jew: I passed the test

I am a Christian, therfore I am a Jew. Christianity is, in a nutshell, a proposal for the completion of the Jewish narrative.

The Jewish worldview rest on an incredibly simple intuition: there is only one God, who created everything that exists.

It seems simple, but contains three very aggressive negations of alternative explanations of reality. If you cannot stand them, you are not a Jew.

First, it denies the existence of other gods, equal or lesser. This implies that there is no fate, but destiny. No one has his life defined by a different purpose that the single will of the only God. Everyone has the same official purpose in life: to be fulfilled by fulfilling the creation plan (a.k.a. hapiness). No senseless existences allowed.

Second:  the negation of the Greek belief that matter does not belong to God, but is an obstacle for the spirit to ascend. In the Hebrew worldview, matter and spirit are equally destined to God by God.

The third, and most defining test, is the negation of the existence of a wicked god to explain the presence of evil in the world. All the evil (death, misery and even sin) is simply a temporary vacuum of goodness, intended to be filled by the evolution of creation, both material and spiritual.

If you passed the test, you are a child of Abraham. Welcome to the Church.

La meta no es el  éxito sino la fidelidad

Ser feliz, es decir, vivir a plenitud la vocación de cada uno, no consiste en lograr algo (acomplish), sino en colaborar a que la creación entera funcione, haciendo, para ello, cada uno su papel, su rol, es decir, siendo fiel.