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Revolution is out. Innovation is in

I want a complete different world from which we live in. In the 19 century lost of people wanted to change the world, and opted for the revolution: replace, at once, old structures by new. But this implies an overconfidence in their intelligence, as they feel able to design a better world in their minds. And, […]

Deja ya de buscar la Felicidad

Abre tus ojos y mira a la vida de las personas que han hecho bien a su alrededor. Piensa si esas personas se “sintieron” felices la mayor parte de su vida. O imagina que esas personas dejarán de hacer algo porque no se sienten felices con eso. Piensa, imagina, y olvídate de buscar la felicidad.

How not to outlive our brains, and stop dying overhealthy

Medicine can extend the life of our bodies but not of our brains, which remain quite impermeable to drugs. Thus, we are harvesting generations of brainless old persons, who are out living their minds, because of dementia, alzheimer and the like. The proper way to correct this is not to euthanise old people, but a braver […]

In animals, fate = destiny

Destiny: the place in the Universe where you are meant to be. Fate: forces of Nature and History that push you toward a place. Humans are not fated to their destiny, for the destiny is a calling, no a force. They have to respond to this calling, for they have the glory, and the burden, of […]

No trabajar en la casa, pero cerca

Trabajar en la casa no es algo muy natural (es decir, no es algo muy bueno). Pero menos natural es no dormir en la casa porque se trabaja demasiado lejos. Esto nos puede dar una idea del tamaño máximo que deben de tener las comunidades.