How to fight bubbles

How to fight bubbles

It is a mechanical problem: if you put bulk cargo in a large compartment, you will have bubbles. As we have very homogenous stuff (because of commoditization) in a huge compartment (the global economy) we will have waves and, ultimately, bubbles.
The lastest episodes of asset explosions are: Latin America debt (1982); US stocks (1987); Asian currencies (1997); Internet bubble (2000), mortgages (2007) and commodities (2009).

Every time a bubble bursts, people lose jobs and wealth is destroyed.

I you don't accept the existence of this turbulence as 'necessary' you have only two solutions:
1. End globalization, divide the compartment, as vessels do. This a a two-prong fork:
a) Give incentives only to commerce with close neighbours.
b) Discourage the free flow of money.

2. End homogenization, commoditization;  avoid too big companies; 

Note, however, that this will make the economy less efficient and people less wealthy.

May be this is the fair price to pay to live in a more stable environment. I don't know. Yet