Should we look for knowledge or certainty

Should we look for knowledge or certainty

Deduction (steping on previous truths and making an inference) is the only way to be certain of a proposition. But certainty is not the same as knowledge.

Induction, on the other hand, is the proposal of a general principle, based on the regularity of a some observations.

Deduction (the use of logic) makes me very certain, but adds very little knowledge to me: the deducted truth is already into the previous ones (the premises).

Induction let me jump on completely new truths. But, who can guarantee that “swans are white” just because all that I have seen, happen to be white? Induction gives me joy of novelty, but, seldom, the comfort of certainty.

The moral of this story is: knowledge, as any human growth operation (like love, or virtue) can on be achieved “dialectically”, zigzaging between opposites. Forget about finding an optimun.