We are outliving our brains

We are investing so many resources in keeping our health, that we have managed to make our bodies  outlive our brains. Scores of people, then, spend their last years brainless. The most natural and logical solution is not to eliminate them, but to reduce our consumption of health care.

Subsidizing health is unhealthy

The potential demand for health is infinite: I’d do an MRI every week, just to check, if it is free. This infinite demand does not exist in food, education, or other primary services. Thus health cannot be subsidized in the same way, or it may broke the state.

Los avances en la salud nos están llevado a vivir más allá de proporciones naturales. La solución, sin embargo, no es crear programas de desecho de ancianos enfermos, sino el gastar menos en salud: vivir más naturalmente, para morir naturalmente

Derecho a morir = deber de morir

Si el morir llega a convertirse en un derecho, después se convertirá en un deber, el deber de no estorbar.